Paxton Products Air Delivery Devices

Paxton Products Aluminum AK

Air Knives

Air knives available in aluminum and stainless steel. Air Knife Systems designed for maximum efficiency, high velocity drying, blow off applications.

Paxton Products Nozzle Manifold

Nozzle Manifolds

Ideal for applications that require a farther than standard distance between the air source and the surface that needs to be dried or blown off.

Paxton Products Cap Dryer

Cap Dryer

Bottle dryer system provides complete drying of the bottle neck & lid to improve quality of coding, tamper banding, labeling and vision system results.

Paxton Products Spyder

Spyder Arm Manifold

Spyder manifold combines six air nozzles with four additional “spyder-like” arms that flex to any position to accommodate specific drying needs.