QV 0.2-40 hp Direct Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

  • 1.5-10 hp, Direct Drive
  • 19-180 acfm
  • All-purpose, rotary vane
    vacuum pump

The Quincy QV series vacuum pumps are designed to deliver enough volumetric capacity to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications. Each vacuum pump is a stand-alone supply system with the versatility to be easily relocated when needed. The Quincy QV can also be supplied as part of a simplex, duplex or triplex package.

Rogers Machinery Company, Inc. - Quincy QV

QSVB 7.5-25 hp Belt Drive Vacuum Pump

  • 7.5-25 hp, Belt Drive
  • 155-371 acfm
  • Simple, all-purpose
    vacuum pump

The Quincy QSVB offers a total vacuum package complete with modulating inlet valve, control panel, electrical enclosure, gauges, and exhaust separation system. The Quincy QSVB has been designed so that no sealing water is required, which results in a substantial savings on water and sewer charges while consuming less overall power.

Rogers Machinery Company, Inc. - Quincy QSVB Series

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QSV 25-40 hp Direct Drive Modular Vacuum Pump

  • 25-40 hp, Direct Drive
  • 365-550 acfm
  • Modular design
    vacuum pump

The Quincy QSV direct-drive rotary screw vacuum is designed for easy installation and maintenance. The direct-drive package is designed to easily fit through a standard doorway, and all maintenance items are conveniently accessed from one side. The Quincy QSV offers quicker cycle times and more powerful hold-down when you need it.

Rogers Machinery Company, Inc. - Quincy QSV Series

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QSVI 25-200 hp Direct Drive Industrial Vacuum Pump

  • 25-200 hp, Direct Drive
  • 365-3000 acfm
  • Heavy, industrial
    vacuum pump

The QSVI, flagship of the Quincy vacuum products, is designed to deliver enough volumetric capacity to meet the biggest applications. Each vacuum pump is a stand-alone system that automatically adjusts delivered flow with the required demand capacity. The Quincy QSVI pump can be set to run continuously or on a start/stop basis.

Rogers Machineriy Company, Inc. - Quincy QSVI Series

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QVMS 0.75-20 hp NFPA 99 Compliant Direct Drive Vacuum Pump

  • 0.75-20 hp, Direct Drive
  • 8-378 scfm
  • NFPA 99 compliant
    vacuum pump

The Quincy QVMS has been uniquely designed to meet your medical vacuum needs. Engineered for flexibility and easy installation, the QVMS features reliable, direct drive pumps and one-side access for necessary maintenance. Developed for hospital applications that demand high capacity and constant vacuum levels, the QVMS is driven by the Quincy QV rotary vane vacuum pump.

Rogers Machinery Company, Inc. - Quincy QVMS Series

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QTS 1.5-5 hp Single Stage Four Cylinder Compressors

  • 3-5 hp, Reciprocating
  • 8-22 scfm
  • Commercial & industrial
    vacuum pumps

The Quincy QTS is a rugged, cast iron, single-stage compressor built for industrial, contractor and commercial applications. The QTS delivers the maximum acfm possible, at a working pressure up to 125 psi.

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