Rogers central vacuum collection systems are custom engineered and configured to your exact needs. By combining multi-stage centrifugal vacuum exhausters with a wide range of primary/secondary separation design and the broadest selection of options, Rogers can meet any central vacuum system need.

Packages include custom configuration, accessories, instrumentation, and controls designed for general housekeeping, liquids or hazardous materials cleanup. Separators and scrubbers for all types of applications are available.

The Power Mizer blowers represent the culmination of years of research and experimentation as Spencer engineers applied an Engineering Edge to the task of creating more energy-efficient, power-conserving cast blower technology.

Rogers Machinery Company, Inc - House Vacuum -Spencer

By avoiding abrupt velocity changes that create turbulence and waste energy, our engineers achieved smoother, more energy-efficient airflow from blower inlet to discharge.

Spender House Vacuum

Rogers Machinery Company, Inc. - Spencer House Vacuum

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