Welch Pumps

Welch DuoSeal 1402

Chemical Duty, Oil-Free Pumps, High Vacuum

Welch offers the broadest range of vacuum pumps for chemical and biological laboratories available from any manufacturer.

Partial List of Pumps:

PTFE Dry Pumps

100 – 110 torr; 12 to 22L/min;Chem. Duty

Dryfast® and Dryfast Ultra®

2-35 torr; 25-70 L/min; Chem.Duty

Self-Cleaning Dry Vacuum System™

2-9 torr; 34 L/min; Chem. Duty

1×10-4 torr; 28-300 L/min; Chem.Duty

Gel Dryer Vacuum System

Duoseal ® Belt Drive
High Vacuum Pumps
1×10-4 Torr; 28-650 L/min