Service Department

Our technicians are trained at the plant year round. Our technicians specialize in servicing Quincy Northwest and Kobelco KNW Series air compressors. They are trained to work on all system components, from air compressors to blowers, vacuum, and liquid pumps to dryers. For your maintenance needs, service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at all of our branches. We have learned some simple truths about compressed air assemblies. Good equipment, good installation, good maintenance, and good lubrication will provide an economical, trouble-free system.

  • Troubleshoot – Control Panels
  • Compressed Air System Operation & Quality Analysis
  • Blower Repair & Rebuild
  • Certified Desiccant and Refrigerant Compressed Air Dryer Technicians
  • Comprehensive Customer Training (on or off-site)
  • Start-up Service – provided with each compressor purchase, which provides additional information on equipment operation and maintenance to your staff.


Factory Service Maintenance Program

Appropriate maintenance of your equipment after installation will guarantee your continued satisfaction with your equipment. We remind you when maintenance is due at the specified intervals and perform the determined service. A regular maintenance program leads to less down time, better machinery resale value, and fewer employee injuries.

Air End Rebuilds

Our facility is equipped with a dedicated controlled-atmosphere assembly room and outfitted with all of the necessary tools to rebuild compressor air ends, blowers, and vacuum pumps.

We rebuild Quincy Northwest rotary screw air ends as well as other major brands. Rebuilt exchange air ends are also available at our location in Portland, Oregon.

System Audits

An air audit conducted by one of our experts will improve the performance and efficiency of your air system.  Significant financial savings coupled with utility incentives often allow projects to go forward.  In addition, ultrasonic leak detection, pressure profiling and dew point monitoring are available. In the end, you will have a reliable, sustainable system with the lowest total cost.

Our Audit & Consulting group is led by Jeff Yarnall, P.E., with over 35 years experience with compressed air systems. Jeff is also a level 1 and 2 instructor for the “Compressed Air Challenge,” a USDOE educational effort to improve air system efficiency throughout the U.S.  To find a class near you go to