Today, more than ever, reducing operating expenses is necessary for companies to compete and remain profitable. Energy represents approximately 75% of a compressed air system’s total cost.

An air audit conducted by one of our experts will improve the performance and efficiency of your air system.  Significant financial savings coupled with utility incentives often allow projects to go forward.  In addition, ultrasonic leak detection, pressure profiling and dew point monitoring are available. In the end, you will have a reliable, sustainable system with the lowest total cost.

Air Audits

Source Department of Energy, Compressed Air Challenge

Our Audit & Consulting group is led by Jeff Yarnall, P.E., with over 35 years experience with compressed air systems.

Jeff is also a level 1 and 2 instructor for the “Compressed Air Challenge,” a USDOE educational effort to improve air system efficiency throughout the U.S.  To find a class near you go to

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